What are the benefits of wearing a swim shirt?

What are the benefits of wearing a swim shirt?

What is UPF 50?

A UPF rating helps you know how much UV protection a sun shirt or rashguard provides. The Skin Cancer Foundation rates anything above a UPF 30 as “very good protection,” but most of our sun-protective clothing for women is UPF 50+ (rated as “excellent protection”). Think of it a bit like SPF (sun protection factor)—the higher the number, the more UV rays it blocks. A regular shirt has very poor protection—technically you should wear sunscreen underneath a regular cotton t-shirt. A UPF garment? No SPF required.

What kind of swim shirt should I wear?

What should I look for when buying a swim shirt?

Fabric – High quality fabrics, like nylon and spandex, will help your swim gear last longer. These fabrics are also quick-drying, so you can forget soggy suits.

Fit – Swim shirts have a more relaxed fit compared to the compressive, sportier fit of a rash guard. That said, make sure your shirt isn’t too tight on the sleeves or along your torso. You want it to fit comfortably so you can swim, run, and soak up the sun, your way.

UPF Rating – One of the most important features to look for from swim shirts, sun shirts, and rash guards is the UPF rating. UPF 50 is ideal (it’s built in all T9 swimwear and gear) for long-lasting protection from harsh UV.

Design & Style -we have tons of options across color, patterns, sleeve length, and style. Solid, printed, long sleeve, short sleeve, zipper, or hoodie, you really can’t go wrong. 

How should I care for my swim shirt?

Are swim shirts different than rash guards?

While both swim shirts and rash guards are designed to protect you from the sun while you’re in the water, swim shirts and rash guards have some basic differences:

– Swim shirts are all-purpose swim tops, just as comfortable for swimming as they are for playing with the kids or grabbing a bite from the snack shack. They’re a perfect cover-up or topper to your swimsuit.

– Rash guards—long sleeve or short sleeve—are most often used by surfers or other high-intensity water sports, and fit like a compression shirt so it stays put no matter through even the most epic wipe out. While they’re super high-performance, they aren’t necessarily meant for lounging by the pool.

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