Recycled fabric for rash guard

Recycled fabric for rash guard

As we all known, Environmental protection is a topic of global concern. So environmentally friendly fabrics will become a selling point and trend. We also called it recycled fabric.

Using recycled fabric for rash guards is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious individuals. It helps reduce waste and minimize the use of virgin resources. Recycled fabrics are typically made from post-consumer materials like plastic bottles or discarded textiles, which are collected, processed, and transformed into new textile fibers.

When it comes to choosing recycled fabric for a rash guard, there are a few options available:

1, Recycled Polyester:

Polyester is commonly used in rash guards due to its quick-drying and moisture-wicking properties. Recycled polyester is made from post-consumer plastic bottles or recycled polyester fabric scraps. The process involves breaking down the materials into pellets, which are then spun into new polyester fibers. Look for rash guards that specify the use of recycled polyester.

2, Recycled Nylon:

Nylon is another popular material for rash guards due to its durability and stretch. Recycled nylon is typically sourced from discarded fishing nets, industrial waste, or other nylon scraps. Similar to recycled polyester, the material is broken down and transformed into new nylon fibers. Look for rash guards made with recycled nylon or Econyl, a popular brand of recycled nylon.

3, Blended Fabrics:

Some rash guards may use a blend of recycled polyester or recycled nylon with other sustainable fibers like organic cotton or TENCEL Lyocell. These blends offer a combination of performance, comfort, and sustainability.

When purchasing a rash guard, look for certifications or labels indicating the use of recycled materials, such as Global Recycle Standard (GRS) or Recycled Claim Standard (RCS). These certifications ensure that the product meets specific sustainability criteria.

By choosing a rash guard made from recycled fabric, you can enjoy your water activities while reducing your ecological footprint and supporting the circular economy.

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