Neoprene Short Sleeves Back Zip Shorty Surf Suit Keep Warm in Cold Water for Snorkeling Kayaking

women wet suits

Neoprene/NylonWarm enough to extend your water sports season? Women will provide enough warmth when you want to do water activities such as paddle boarding, winter kayaking, snorkeling, water skiing, beach volleyball, we believe in long sleeve women’s A wetsuit jacket will help extend the water sports season without feeling cold.You are able to move your arms freely and bend this 3mm women’s wetsuit top freely because of its flexibility.
Made of high quality neoprene material, this women’s thermal wetsuit top is lightweight and gives you a comfortable wearing experience. Friction-free, the seams are designed to fit smoothly against the skin so there is no friction or irritation. Unique stitching is perfect for adventurers with sensitive skin.
In addition to keeping warm, this women’s wetsuit top benefits even more. Users can catch swimming tricks faster than no gainers. Long sleeve women’s neoprene top with front zipper for easier on and off and save your time.
The classic blue design is a welcome color for many female water athletes and we’re sure you’ll love this beautiful, stylish and comfortable neoprene wetsuit top.Type of sport: Kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, canoeing, scuba diving, paddle boarding

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