Wholesale Kids Waterproof Tight Backzipper 2.5mm Children Girls Swimming Surfing Wetsuit Neoprene

childrens wet suits

90% Neoprene + 10% Stretch Nylon

【Bring Love to Your Kids】 2.5mm neoprene wetsuit for kids, kids wetsuit material provides extra insulation and protection in cold water, wetsuit for kids is suitable for boys, girls, and infants, suitable for swimming, surfing, Diving, snorkeling and other outdoor water sports.

【Children’s Full Wetsuit Warmth】 The full body neoprene cover is suitable for children’s wetsuit, with long sleeve design, the toddler wetsuit can keep the body warm, help your child float in the water more easily, and master swimming and diving skills faster, Have fun with water. In open water, baby wetsuits can protect against risks such as underwater coral reefs, while providing sun protection and protection against biological bites.

【Full Children’s Waterproof Clothing Provides Protection】 Long waistband back zipper design girls wetsuit, easy to put on and take off, with easy-to-pull 10YKK back zipper, there is a layer of fabric inside the zipper to avoid the zipper from damaging your child’s skin.

【Kids Wetsuits】Children’s Warm Swimsuits are specially designed for babies/infants/children/boys/teens, toddler wetsuits 2T 3T 4T 5T children and more teenagers, stretch neoprene keeps warm, soft and comfortable, stretchy, locks in body temperature And reduce friction injuries caused by large sports.

【Real Kids Swimsuit Size】 Please Note: 1. This realon kids wetsuit is suitable for 2T 3T 4T infants to 12 years old, swimsuit neoprene hand wash cold water, hand wash, hand wash in the shade, can be dried to keep stash, 2. Only a tight fit can prevent moisture from flowing out, too loose and you will feel cold quickly. 3. If your child is taller and stronger, please choose a larger size.

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